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Masjid & Iqraa School

Northern Ireland has over 10,000 Muslims and the community is growing Mashallah. There is a need for a larger mosque which provides a large car park space, school for children and facilities to wash our loved deceased ones which at present there is no facility in NI.
This masjid is not only a place to pray, but also a hub for educational programs, a place to help people learn more about Islam and to nurture their moral and spiritual development as well as other everyday services, which are much needed in our Muslim community.
We have created this page to ask for your help! We are currently in the process of renovating the building to allow many more people to attend their prayers. We have been praying in this masjid for over 3 years in its current unfit conditions and we need to rectify this ASAP. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said “Whoever builds a Masjid for Allah, Allah will build him/her a house in Paradise.” Bring Paradise closer by being part of this project! Your Sadaqah Jariyah will continue benefitting you, and others for generations to come Insha Allah.
We have a small but yet growing Muslim community and we are raising funds towards renovating the building. We have been fortunate to have bought this church building for £200,000 which is located in Dunmurry, Belfast. Many thanks to the kind people that loaned us the money to purchase the building and we have managed to pay back £150,000 and only have £50,000 left to repay.
Furthermore, we need to raise £100,000 to renovate the building, to make a wudu area and to create a facility to wash our deceased ones.
Help and join us to build this mosque so our brothers and sisters will have a place they can pray in and we finally, will have a facility to wash our deceased ones in the coming future. We dream to have our Muslim community praying together in a safe, loving and warm Masjid. This will be the largest mosque in Northern Ireland inshaAllah.
Thank you for visiting our page and may Allah reward you
Please visit our website or our Facebook page for more details and alternative ways of donating.